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  • DMG Automounter for Linux  v.0.2DMG Automounter is a nautilus script that enables any distribution of Linux to mount a Mac OS X .dmg file (but not install it, since that would require the Mac OS X APIs which are closed source). README has entire install instructions. PLEASE ...
  • Easy linux installer  v. program, by default, will help you updating Linux easily (actually only Debian). Also it has help for configure the updates. It can be used for install your program who has dependences automatically. It's thought for help new Linux ...
  • GNU/Linux Newsys  v.20010615This is a distribution that is very easy for an experienced linux system administrator to install and manage. Other that package management, there are no configuration tools, etc to get in the ...
  • Linux on the Microsoft Xbox  v.0.6The Xbox Linux Project aims to privide a version of GNU/Linux for the Xbox, so that it can be used as an ordinary computer. Linux should make use of all Xbox hardware and allow to install and run software from standard i386 Linux ...
  • TLE-BU; The Linux Experience Back-Up  v.0.3.051[In Development!] TLE-BU is a complete backup program for Linux. It's focus is on ease-of-use, while remaining flexible. It uses it's own internal web and PostgreSQL servers for ease of install and removal and to avoid conflict with existing ...
  • Linux Shockwave Player  v.1.0This project is about to make a Shockwave Player to Linux Systems.For first it will be a source package to install,but with help from everybody I (we) can make DEB for Debian-based systems, and many others.
  • DLD linux system build  v.1.0to build and install linux and development tools into the DLD device,witch is a linux kernel with many AP (such as dictionary,....).The DLD is digital learning device.
  • Charrua Linux  v.1.0It is a Uruguayan Linux distribution. Can be used from floppy disks, cdroom or you can install it in your hard disk. It has been designed to be fast and effective without leaving of side the graphical aspect for the user.
  • Arcade Linux  v.1.0A Linux distribution with the specific purpose of running MAME on an arcade monitor. It will be easy to install and set up.
  • WubiX - Wubi for any Linux distro  v.1.0WubiX is an unofficial fork of Wubi Installer ( which will install any Linux distribution from Windows, without partitioning the hard disk.
  • LinXter: Another Linux Cluster  v.1.0LinXter is another implementation of the Linux Clusters. This is currently under development. After releasing this will be easiest to install and configure. Through this project I want to declare that the new age of the Linux Cluster has just started.
  • IPod-Linux Installer  v.1.0An easy to use installer that enables Mac OS X user to install and use linux on their HFS+ formatted iPods in addition to the Apple Supplied OS. Currently supports 1-4G, Mini, and Photo iPods. Installation on Nano and Video possible but not supported.
  • Blue Linux  v.1.0BlueLinux is a Northern Ireland based Linux distribution for everyone - designed to be easy to install and learn for users without prior Linux (or computer) experience, while powerful enough for longtime Linux users. Being an Open Source project without ...
  • FRDS Linux  v.1.0A complete Linux distribution sponsored by Front Range Data Services. FRDS Linux provides an easy-to-use platform for both new users and advanced users to quickly install and configure Linux on any type of x86 PC, whether it be a server or a workstation.
  • Give Me Some Linux  v.1.0Give Me Some Linux aims to be secure, fast, and useful. The only Linux distribution currently giving you the option to install a Linux system from source. Entirely from open source.
  • Trixter Linux  v.1.0A GNU/Linux distribution which uses the GNUpdate package management system. It installs the base system from a few floppy disks, and uses GNUpdate to install the rest of the system from an Internet package repository or a local disk (eg. a CD-ROM).
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